Two Old Guys Emporium: Learn to speak “pet” as a second language.

Two Old Guys Emporium: Learn to speak “pet” as a second language.

Learn to speak “pet” as a second language.


article about pets and how to be a best friend in return


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People Think i am loopy, and i am, But not about this.I love animals. I love big animals, little animals and all those in between.I’ve always had a pet or a stray somewhere around me. Even when i didn’t have a "official pet, I had a stray stashed in the neighborhood, and after school or taking out the trashed, id call to it.Now that i am, "all growed up" I can have as many as i want. At the moment I have 3 cats and two dogs. And if you think your dog doesn’t understand you or cant communicate, well then I think you’re loopy.

Dogs and cats communicate basically the same as we do, they just never evolved past the basics, Their communications are straight out of the box, the same as when they got em. While we on the other hand have evolved. Dogs and pet communicate in the most basic form, through feelings and visuals. This can also be trained or learned into the pet by time and familiarity and keywords.I guess i should explain that a little further. We as humans use words as our primary form of communication. Whether written or spoken or seen we use words. But if you think about what words actually are, you will understand what i am saying a whole lot better. Words were created to easily explain feelings. If you feel hungry or hurt, you communicate the words to say hungry and hurt. But even though used far less now then in our human infancy, we still communicate hurt and hungry the primal way, through feelings.Dogs on the other hand never evolved past the feelings stage of their existence.

Animals communicate vocally but only the most basic feelings, hunger, hurt, lonely, afraid etc. So if you want to understand your animal, you have to know your animal. This is true for unknown animals also. The same as we can talk better to friends than strangers.After time spent together you will learn each other, just like with a friend.You will be able to communicate with each other on level most have never known. Watch your animal and bond with your animal, and most importantly understand that your animal isn’t classist or racist or any of the other ists they just see you as a bigger uglier form of themselves. Animals either like you or don’t like you, and they really do have opinions.So take care and notice what your dog or cat does before events. What does my dog do when he has to go out? What does my dog do when he is hungry, or lonely? If you pay attention and treat them with favorite snacks when attempting to train them to keywords, like down or stay, you will have a friend for life and you and your friend can communicate as good or better than if he/she were human.

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